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Expand your engineering team.

We specialize in providing effective nearshoring software development teams since 2009.


Needs analysis and consulting.

  • Employment consulting strategy
  • Profile requirements
  • Understanding client's vision

Recruiting and team formation.

  • Transparent recruiting process
  • Expert HR team
  • Candidate assessment

Administration and HR services.

  • Improvement budget management
  • Team building activities
  • Regular information flow

Our people are your people.

Helping startups and global companies to reduce costs and scale up fast by providing effective software development teams in Serbia.

Make that remote hire with complete peace of mind.

Digital Infinity provides you a complete nearshoring services by recruiting and managing your remote software development team, handling payrolls, taxes, benefits, and compliance.

How can we help you establish a dedicated team of engineers?

By establishing a dedicated development team for you at our nearshoring center, we also provide a wide set of integrated services ensuring an overall carefree business flow.

Estimated cost decrease


*Based on average client data

Experience the difference

What are the benefits?

Reduction in operating costs and taking the entire burden of compliance off your hands.


Saving on power, security and labour costs.


We give your employees the consideration they deserve.


In-depth understanding of your project, work culture and environment.


Best-practice tools and collaboration mechanisms.


Employee improvement management and team building activities.


Taking the entire burden of compliance off your hands.

Client’s Reviews

Global businesses
love to work with us.

We previously thought that it will be easy to wrestle with the taxes, work permits, administration and operations in Serbia by ourselves. Digital Infinity has eliminated this complexity so we can focus on scaling quickly.

Clark Ludendorff

Co-founder, Lockify

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We create long-lasting relationships with our clients and focus on communicating with them to ensure that they are always in control.